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Adorable Gnome Coloring Pages – SO Cute!

Gnome coloring pages

Oh my goodness these gnomes are so freaking cute! I love gnomes because they remind me so much of the fantasy books from my childhood. These gnome coloring pages are super whimsical and fun, with some adorable animals, flowers and, of course, iconic pointy hats! Gnomes have a rich history in folklore and mythology, particularly in European traditions. You may love them for their ability to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits. From intricate details on the gnome clothes to the elaborate patterns of surrounding fairy tale scenes, these coloring pages spark imagination and provide a canvas for personal interpretation.

Gnomes Whimsical Color Palette Ideas
Gnomes Whimsical Color Palette Ideas

Play with a bunch of fun whimsical colors on these pages – I’ve included a wonderful spectrum of color ideas. While you’re here check out our free fairy coloring pages, too!



While these are more like garden gnomes, stay tuned for winter gnomes from us later this year. Since it’s spring right now, I have flowers and birds on the mind. Gnomes can be seen as symbols of luck, protection, and guardianship – here’s hoping they can guard your garden and your relaxation time!

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