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Backyard Birds Coloring Pages for Birding Lovers

Backyard Birds Coloring Pages

Yet another one of my favorite hobbies is showing up here as a set of backyard birds coloring pages! We are huge bird nerds! When my partner and I have time to kill, we’ll literally just hop in the car to see what birds we can find. In the Midwest, there are so many lovely birds to scout. I’ve chosen to feature all of my favorites here – some I’ve seen, and some are still on my bucket list to find.

Backyard birds coloring palette
Backyard birds coloring palette

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While I’ve included a wonderful color palette to start you off, if you don’t know these birds I’d highly recommend doing an image search to see their specific patterns and colors. The woodpeckers and hummingbird are particularly spectacularly colored! These realistic bird coloring pages offer a delightful way to engage both children and adults in the birding world right from home. Each illustration captures the intricate details of these birds’ plumage, allowing you to express your creativity while learning more about our backyard visitors.

Additionally, these backyard birds coloring pages can serve as educational tools either at home or in the classroom. From identifying distinct markings to learning about migratory patterns, coloring these pages fosters a deeper appreciation for the natural world.  I personally hope they will encourage conservation efforts to protect these feathered friends!

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