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Super Beautiful Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids

Unicorn Adult Coloring Pages

Just like many of the adult coloring page sets on this site, these unicorn coloring pages are super special to me. Unicorns have been a favorite for many more years than I’m willing to admit to… and they make my inner child ridiculously happy no matter what. I’m not sure if I first learned of them in a story book or a movie, but by the 4th grade I was obsessed with them. Perhaps they make a lot of our inner children happy, because pegasuses (pegasi?!) and unicorns seem to just be perpetually popular all the time. I’m not complaining at all – just noticing the universal love of these magical beings and happy that I don’t have to do much or go far to find them.

I know my suggested color swatches for this set of pages is pretty extensive – there’s lots of neutrals, but also some rainbow colors mixed in. Here’s a tip if you want to color the unicorns white – use a very light blue to shade in the shadows, and a very light orange to tint the highlights. These two colors will mimic the warmth of sunlight and the coolness of blue skies typically seen in shadows. That way you can give the impression of white while still using colors to give depth to the coloring pages.

Full Spectrum Unicorn Coloring Page Color Swatches
Full Spectrum Unicorn Coloring Page Color Swatches

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Extra Pretty Unicorn Coloring Pages for Adults

And 4 Utterly Adorable Unicorn Coloring Sheets for Kids

And just because I fell in love with unicorns at such a young age, I needed to include a few simpler drawings for younger hands. Aren’t these sweet as can be? Super cute and adorable and easy enough for little ones to color.

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