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Botanical Distressed Junk Journal Printables

Distressed junk journal printables and art papers

Oh my gosh I had soooo much fun putting this set of distressed junk journal printables with botanical designs together!!! Aren’t they gorgeous?! They are full of tea stained, ink blotted, mottled, torn, crinkled and ripped goodness and I pray you share with me anything you create with them! Our printable art can add creativity and personalization to your art and junk journaling projects. Print your chosen designs on suitable paper. Depending on your journal’s purpose, you might use standard printer paper, cardstock for added durability, or specialty papers to achieve a particular aesthetic. If you don’t need the whole sheet of paper, you may want to use scissors or a craft knife to cut out the individual floral or botanical elements from your printed sheets. Be as precise as possible to maintain the quality of the designs. Enhance your pages by adding further embellishments around the printables. This could include stamping, stenciling, or incorporating other elements such as ribbons, stickers, or washi tape.

You might also like our wallpaper flowers adult coloring pages – put together they might create some cool layouts!

Feel free to distress these pages even further by crumpling the paper before using them, tea-staining them even further, or tearing the pages for a true live edge for your layouts!

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