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Cacti and Succulents Coloring Pages

Succulents Coloring Pages

Oh my goodness this set of cacti flowers and Succulents Coloring Pages makes me want to stop writing and start coloring!! Whether you’re a seasoned container gardener or a “budding” enthusiast (LOL), cacti and succulents coloring pages offer a therapeutic journey of coloring bliss. Immerse yourself in the soothing process of coloring, allowing your mind to wander in these fantasy desert landscapes where these resilient plants thrive. These pages feature a bunch of intricately designed plants and pretty pots, each with unique shapes and textures that beg to be brought to life with vibrant colors.

Succulents color palette
Succulents color palette

Use earth tones with plenty of greens and blues to color these pages! You could even get away with using only shades of green for the entire page – I can imagine just how relaxing and beautiful that would be.

You might also like our houseplants coloring pages – can you tell I love gardening?!

I’m thinking of putting together suggested color palettes for each set – please leave a comment and let me know if this would be helpful for you! For now, I just want to go to a greenhouse and spend way too much money on pots and plants… these coloring pages will have to do for today.

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