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This page outlines our policies in regards to content on

Most importantly, we always put our readers first, and frequently turn down advertisers and sponsored content opportunities we don’t think is a fit for our audience. In fact, this site currently has no sponsored content whatsoever. Sponsored content is defined as content paid for and written at the request of an advertiser.

Should this change in the future, the following policies would apply:

All reviews and sponsored content will be clearly labeled with a disclosure specific to the material:

  • Some reviews are uncompensated and are created as a service to our readers
  • Some reviews and content may be compensated and will be clearly labeled as such
  • We will always provide truthful information and our honest opinions, whether the content is compensated or uncompensated

All of our content is free to view, print and download. Our advertisers and affiliate relationships make this possible through their kind sponsorship of our sites.

The Use of Affiliate Links

Some of our content may contain affiliate links, from which we earn a percentage of any sale generated through our links.

Affiliate links are only personally identifiable to the merchants whom you choose to do business with. In these circumstances, we are never given access to your identity or personal information. The merchant tracks transactions and pays us through third party affiliate networks.

We screen merchants carefully and only promote offers which we believe are honest products and services that our readers would be interested in, and we do not nor will ever provide false or misleading information to our site visitors.