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Lovely Houseplants Coloring Pages Printables

Houseplants coloring pages

I used to have THE most lovely vegetable garden and a home with 1.3 acres to plant and landscape to my heart’s content. The truth of the matter is that I don’t miss that yard at all (more specifically, the yardWORK!), but I really do miss that garden. I’ve moved to a more urban setting, so now I’m getting my green thumb fix with house plants. So these houseplants coloring pages are not just a wonderfully calm coloring thing, but also are a ‘replacement’ garden offering a delightful way to engage with nature indoors.

Houseplants coloring pages color palette ideas
Houseplants coloring pages color palette ideas

Check out my succulents coloring pages, too, which might even offer a better indoor gardening fix for you!

If you have a passion for plants but limited space or time for gardening, these coloring printables provide a satisfying alternative, imho. They offer an opportunity to appreciate the diversity of plant life and experiment with different color combinations without the need for watering cans or soil. I hope the art on these pages serve as a delightful gateway for you to the joys of both art and gardening.

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