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Inner Child Coloring Pages for Healing Adults

Inner Child Coloring Pages for Healing Adults

For those of us with childhood trauma, doing inner child work either on your own or with a therapist can be life-changing. I have found it incredibly healing to do inner child meditations, affirmations, and right handed / left handed journaling – sometimes all at once. Before realizing I was an ‘adult child’, I thought that being hard on myself was the way to get things done in life. Turns out being your own critic is more like repeating emotional abuse. The key to breaking the cycle of criticism is to be gentle and loving with yourself. It seemed counter-intuitive at first, but life is very different when you can speak lovingly to yourself. I put together these inner child coloring pages today for all of you AND for myself. It’s so important to calm your nervous system when dealing with trauma, and if you’re here, I am guessing coloring will help you with that!

Soothing Colors Swatch Palette
Soothing Colors Swatch Palette

I recommend choosing your own colors based on the input of your own inner child for these coloring pages. But I’ve put together a color palette that I think is soothing – if you don’t, just do your own thing! By the way, if your inner child is angry today, he or she might like these f-bomb swear word coloring pages, too.

Two resources I highly recommend are the book The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – a literally life-changing book for me. Plus ACOA – don’t let the ‘alcoholics’ in the name dissuade you – childhood trauma isn’t limited to those whose parents had substance abuse issues. It’s also a free resource that can introduce you to working with your inner child and build skills to cope positively with CPTSD.

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