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Patriotic Adult Coloring Pages to Print

Patriotic Adult Coloring Pages to Print

It’s that time of year again when we break out the stars and stripes! These patriotic adult coloring pages are free to print and color, and include the best USA inspired themes. The Statue of Liberty, George Washington, flags, an eagle, and several cool artsy types. I love the hot air balloon, but I think the patriotic teddy bear is downright adorable. If you’re traveling for this summer holiday, print these out before you go, or download them to your tablet for digital coloring. I myself am addicted to coloring in Procreate – it’s so much easier on my hands than using colored pencils! But no matter how you color, I hope you can enjoy some time off for the 4th of July, or perhaps another patriotic holiday like Flag Day, Memorial Day, or Presidents Day. Another idea is to print out all of them and bring them to your holiday gatherings for everyone to color!

Patriotic Colors Palette Idea
Patriotic Colors Palette Idea

Of course I’ve suggested a palette of mostly red, white and blue, but I’ve thrown in a little yellow and orange-yellow for some variety. In fact, the yellows can act as a stand-in for white, because obviously we can’t color with white. Follow me for more obvious coloring advice – ha!

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