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Printable Beautiful Blue Watercolor Background Art

Printable Beautiful Blue Watercolor Background Art

I absolutely adore painting with watercolors – it is my favorite medium to work with. I prefer the messy, unpredictability of it – how the colors swirl together to create art that you can’t control. Watercolors force you to go with the flow of things and find the beauty in the results, and I think that’s a perfect metaphor for a lot of things in life. Personally, I can hardly help but doodle with a sharpie, fineliner, or gel pen on my watercolors when I’m done, but I’ve restrained myself here (mostly!). I guess I’ve always done the reverse coloring page thing in my own art – and these would totally work for that! But mostly I’ve created this blue watercolor background art for your own art projects or paper crafting – art journals, junk journals, scrapbooking, etc. Use them as backgrounds with other elements like stamps, stickers, or fabric to create texture and interest. If you’re printing them on paper, remember to use paper types like watercolor paper, matte photo paper, or heavyweight printer paper that can handle the ink better and enhance the appearance of the watercolor paints.

Alternatively, if you’re into abstract art and just love the look of paint on paper, you can simply print and frame these for some free wall art! Or you could crop them and use them for phone wallpapers if any of them are particularly pretty to you.

Blue Watercolor Background Printable Art

You might also like to use these with our distressed floral junk journal printables for additional paper layering ideas!

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