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Printable Coloring Calendar Pages with Seasonal Art

Printable Coloring Calendar Pages

If you’re one of those people who like to combine relaxing AND being organized, then these printable coloring calendar pages are for you! I personally would probably use these as a procrasti-crafting distraction, haha – I’m well versed at that! But honestly, there’s plenty of ways to actually use a coloring calendar and be more organized and productive. Grab some mindfulness time by coloring the top artwork. But then you can also color-code your events, appointments, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries so that you can just glance at the calendar for the day and know what’s happening without having to read it. Alternatively, you can color the top artwork a little day by day throughout the month, ensuring that you build in some quiet meditative time for yourself every day. Of course, you can print off multiple copies and make coloring for the month a group activity, too!

Note there’s 15 coloring calendar pages below – I know that not everyone likes coloring humans, but I couldn’t help but include those two amazing images for January and October. And I’ve also included a blank calendar page at the end in case you need more flexibility for any given month. It was a little harder to develop a suggested color palette for these coloring pages, because the artwork is so seasonal and incorporates so many varied themes such as nature, holidays, etc. But a general set of colors that go together always works well!

Muted Color Swatches Palette
Muted Color Swatches Palette

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Free Printable Coloring Calendar for Every Month of the Year

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