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Rare Emergence Cicadas Adult Coloring Pages

Rare Emergence Cicadas Adult Coloring Pages

OK, OK, I’m just going to admit right up front that I’m just NOT into bugs. At all. Except for the pretty winged or glowing kinds. Cicadas aren’t my thing. But my Facebook feed is literally flooded right now with posts from friends all over the place about the rare emergence of these really bizarre insects and I decided to get on board. I don’t like ’em. But if you like ’em, I’ll make coloring pages of ’em. *Shudders*. A little context – I had a full blown phobia of all insects as a child that sent me into panic attacks. It took me years to desensitize myself to their crawly-ness, so being able to put this set of cicadas adult coloring pages together is kind of a big deal.

Cicada Insects Color Swatches
Cicada Insects Color Swatches

Cicadas come in a few different colors – some are turquoise, some are green, some are brown and red. Many have bright red eyes. So this suggested color palette looks a lot like the gardens in which you’ll find cicadas. And even though this year periodical cicadas are a really big deal because we’re in the midst of one of the 17  year emergence events, annual cicadas are just that – they come every year. And despite not liking bugs, I really do love their loud, rhythmic songs every summer. Those are produced by specialized structures called tymbals located on the sides of their abdomens. I always thought that they were the same as locusts, but evidently they are completely different bugs. I can’t believe how late in life I am learning that – wow!

Cicadas Adult Coloring Pages to Print

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