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Stoner and Trippy Coloring Pages for Adults

Trippy Coloring Pages for Adults

I’m laughing at myself because I have, um, some mixed emotions about posting these trippy coloring pages… because I had a rather bad tripping experience once many years ago! Yet I have someone in my life that I care about deeply who’s life was saved using the special k therapy, so I’m open minded about the interest in this mind bending art! I’ve included plenty of psychedelic swirls and patterns, 60’s throwback art, and some truly abstract concepts. Whether you color them under the influence or not, coloring these complex patterns can help to focus the mind, reduce anxiety and promote a state of mindfulness. This form of art therapy is recognized for its ability to help individuals explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, and foster self-awareness – all of which will enhance any trippy experiences you might be having! ;)

Bright Rainbow Trippy Color Palette
Bright Rainbow Trippy Color Palette

I’ve suggested a very bright rainbow color palette for these pages, because if you’re high, nothing less will do, of course! You might also like our gorgeous fairy adult coloring pages, too.

I suggest coloring these pages with friends – don’t be like me and have a bad trip. Be safe and stay connected to good people who will take good care of you. <3

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