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Summer Adult Coloring Pages for Mindfulness

Summer Adult Coloring Pages

It’s summertime! I know I am always wanting to be out and about in the summer months – camping, hiking, biking, or whatever. My coloring time is a little more limited. But when I do, I love to get into the season with something like these summer adult coloring pages. I’ve included suns, animals, outdoor scenes, and of course, a hippie surfer bus! While most of these have some pretty intricate designs, several are simple enough for teens or ambitious kids who might be getting bored on a summer rainy day.

Bright and cheery summer coloring pages color palette suggestions
Bright and cheery summer coloring pages color palette suggestions


With intricate designs and patterns inspired by the best and warmest season of the year, summer coloring pages provide an opportunity for a great mindfulness break. Or alternatively, if it’s NOT summer, but you love it like I do, you can use these to remind yourself that there are lighter days ahead. Whether you enjoy these during lazy afternoons indoors or as a calming ritual before bedtime, summer coloring pages invite you to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of summertime.

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