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Super Cute Animals Coloring Pages

Super Cute Animals Coloring Pages

Oh my goodnessssss aren’t these the most adorable fur babies ever!  Baby animals, teddy bears, cartoon faces – I love them all. My partner and I joke about getting baby goats, even though we live in an urban area – and those sweet kids at the bottom of the page are killing me right now! These cute animals coloring pages are for all ages – sometimes we as adults just need something soothing and sweet to take our minds off of things. But most of these pages are suitable for kids and definitely teens, too. Most of all, they are suitable for anyone that needs a cuteness overload break – like me today!

Pastel Color Swatches for Cute Coloring Pages of Animals
Pastel Color Swatches for Cute Coloring Pages of Animals

To color this set of coloring pages, use a color palette as sweet as these furry faces – pastels and soft earth tones. No need to color them realistically. Make the deer pink. Color the bunny green – who cares? Remember that cool colors recede and warm colors bring subjects forward, so accentuate whatever you want as you see fit. Some days a string of bad news just makes coloring something very intricate seem a little daunting. It’s days like that that I’d prefer to color something cute, cuddly and easy instead.

Check out our unicorn coloring pages while you are here, with both easy designs for kids and intricate, realistic art for adults!

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