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F-Bomb Swear Word Coloring Pages for Stress Relief

F-Bomb Swear Word Coloring Pages for Stress Relief

It’s a bit ironic and funny that I’m posting these swear word coloring pages today. I’m in the middle of a self help book in which today the assignment was to ‘feel my feelings’. Not only did I feel like saying FUCK THAT SHIT to that assignment – I wanted to tell many people to FUCK ALL THE WAY OFF after doing the assignment and actually sitting in those feelings. HA. Coloring is so good for stress relief – but sometimes it creates much needed space from shitty feelings in order to process them in a more healthy way. For those of us that, as adults, still deal with the PTSD and trauma from our past and childhood, I hope these f-bomb coloring sheets give you a much needed mini-boost of self respect. Because yes, FUCK WHAT THEY THINK, it’s time to relieve some stress!

F Bomb Coloring Pages Color Palette Ideas
F Bomb Coloring Pages Color Palette Ideas

I felt a little weird suggesting colors for these pages, because I think you should use whatever the fuck colors you want to use. But I do heartily recommend a nice, bright and angry RED to go along with these f-bombs. Because Fuck is truly the greatest swear word of all time, and I can’t wait to see you tag us with your finished works!

Printable Swear Word Coloring Pages for Adults

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